Journal of Toxiocology and Environmental Health (JTEH)

The Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health (JTEH) is an authoritative journal featuring strictly refereed original research in the field of environmental toxicology. The research is in general as well as in special interest fields such as target organ toxicities, immunotoxicology, risk assessment, carcinogenesis, mutagenesis, ecotoxicology, environmental factors affecting health, and aquatic toxicology. Emphasis is placed on on the toxicological effects of natural and anthropogenic environmental pollutants and their action on both intact organisms and in vitro systems. The attention of JTEH is being placed on the results of epidemiological studies of select groups of workers in exposed populations. Also published are refereed critical reviews in scientific areas of current toxicological interest.  Dr. Sam Kacew is editor in chief of the journal and is also Associate Director, Toxicology, of the McLaughlin Centre.


The McLaughlin Centre for Population Health Risk Assessment and Dr. Daniel Krewski were involved in a number of special issues published in the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health Part A & B. A summary of each special issue is available.

New Insights into Benzene: Mechanisms, Models, and Managing Risks, 2000

Managing Health Risks from Drinking Water: A Report to the Walkerton Enquiry, 2002

A Comprehensive Evaluation of the Potential Health Risks Associated with Occupational and Environmental Exposure to Styrene, 2002

Health and Air Quality: Interpreting Science for Decision-makers, 2003

Risk Management Frameworks for Human Health and Environmental Risks, 2003

A Hierarchical Approach to Coding Chemicals, Biological and Pharmaceutical Substances, 2005

Interpreting Epidemiological Studies of Acute and Long-Term Exposure to Particulate Matter, 2005

Residential Radon and Lung Cancer: End of the Story? 2006

Strategies for Clean Air and Health, 2007

Aluminum Toxicity and Human Health:A Comprehensive Risk Assessment

Children’s Health and the Environment: Review of Certain Chemicals and Canadian Governmental Policies, 2007

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